In the legal landscape, Gha Coin is engineered to streamline interactions between investors and property owners, upholding rigorous standards of security and transparency. This structure eliminates the need for intermediaries, fostering a direct and clear connection between the two parties.

Gha Coin empowers investors with the freedom to allocate their funds into businesses that catch their interest. The returns on these investments are linked to the asset's market value, with any profits securely deposited into the investor's self-custody wallet. Gha Coin enhances user protection by exclusively using internal wallets, thereby reducing exposure to external security threats.

Property owners benefit from Gha Coin’s model as well, as they can offer their assets to a wide range of investors via tokenization, without any intermediaries. Their profits are directly tied to the asset's market performance, and interestingly, Gha Coin imposes no personal fees. However, it's important to note that in the event of financial losses, Gha Coin does not offer compensation to its users.

Gha Coin operates solely on the Binance Smart Chain platform, thereby limiting its users and property owners to this specific ecosystem and excluding other blockchain networks. The platform's central concept is fractional ownership, which is a fundamental aspect of its operations for both investors and property owners.

For user security, Gha Coin employs a decentralized wallet system, granting users full control over their private keys. The platform distinctly segregates investor and property owner interfaces, each governed by separate administrative authenticators. This separation becomes particularly relevant if an investor decides to become a property owner, necessitating the creation of a separate account to maintain clear role differentiation within the Gha Coin ecosystem.

To sum up, Gha Coin is characterized by its steadfast commitment to security, transparency, and the principles of fractional ownership, making it a dependable and efficient platform for all parties involved in property investment.

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