In the Gha Coin platform, the staking model is employed not just for asset holding, but also as a means to enhance predictive capabilities using various analytical models. Each level of these models acts as metadata, contributing to strengthening the overall predictive model within the platform.

The token staking model in Gha Coin involves the use of a staking pool. Here, users can stake their tokens, collectively pooling their resources. This collective approach not only facilitates a more robust and secure system but also allows for the aggregation and analysis of data, which can be used to refine investment strategies and predictions.

When tokens are staked in the pool, a portion of the validation fee generated from these transactions is allocated to the treasury. This mechanism ensures a steady flow of resources to the treasury, which can be reinvested into the platform for further development and enhancement.

Gha Coin's innovative use of staking models, combined with the pooling of resources and intelligent data utilization, represents a forward-thinking approach in the realm of blockchain-based real estate investment. This strategy not only provides a secure way for users to participate in the platform but also leverages the collective power of its user base to improve the platform's overall functionality and predictive accuracy.

Working of Gha Coin From The Investor Perspective

This section delves into the inner workings of the Gha Coin platform, offering a comprehensive understanding of its infrastructure and functionality.


  • Investors, whether individually or as a group with shared interest in the same asset, can easily access the Gha Coin platform. Here, they are presented with a variety of available assets for investment. The platform enables investors to not only invest their desired amount but also to view potential profits calculated based on their chosen assets. This feature adds a layer of transparency and helps investors make informed decisions.

  • Gha Coin is underpinned by advanced blockchain technology, harnessing all the benefits that come with it. The platform integrates the full spectrum of blockchain functionalities and processes, ensuring a robust, secure, and transparent investment environment. This integration is key to the platform's efficiency and reliability.

  • The blockchain technology adopted by Gha Coin is the BSC chain. This choice facilitates all cryptocurrency trading on the platform, enhancing the ease, reliability, and efficiency of the trading process. The BSC chain is known for its speed and low transaction costs, making it an ideal choice for real estate tokenization and investment.

  • Investors on the Gha Coin platform utilize the BSC chain for their transactions. This consistency in using BSC across the platform streamlines the investment process, allowing for seamless and secure transactions. This integration ensures that investors can conduct their business on the platform with confidence, backed by the reliability and strength of the BSC blockchain.

In summary, the Gha Coin platform leverages blockchain technology, specifically the BSC chain, to offer a secure, efficient, and user-friendly environment for real estate investment. It provides investors with the tools and information necessary to make well-informed investment decisions, thus enhancing their overall experience and potential for profit.

Internal Infrastructure of Gha Coin


  • The Gha Coin application is structured into two primary platforms, each bolstered by blockchain technology for enhanced security and efficiency.

  • User Platform

    • This platform is dedicated to the operations and functions specific to users, primarily investors.

    • Investors on this platform have the ability to search for assets that offer multiple ownership opportunities.

    • Investment amounts are managed in cryptocurrency, aligning with modern financial practices.

    • All funds, including invested amounts and earnings, are securely stored in a self-custody wallet. This ensures that the investor has complete control over their assets.

    • The privacy and security of the wallet are paramount; thus, the wallet and its keys are not accessible by any third parties.

    • Investors have the option to invest in assets put forward by business owners, providing a range of investment opportunities.

    • The entire functionality and process on this platform are powered by blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and trust in all transactions.

  • Business Platform

    • This platform caters to the needs and functions of asset owners.

    • Owners can list their assets on the platform, offering them to investors for potential investment.

    • All assets on this platform are tokenized, adding an extra layer of security and making them safe for investment.

    • Financial transactions related to these assets are conducted in cryptocurrency, providing a streamlined and secure process for handling investments.

In summary, Gha Coin's dual-platform structure efficiently caters to both investors and asset owners. By leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures safe, secure, and transparent handling of all operations, whether it's for investment purposes or asset management, thus revolutionizing the way real estate investments are conducted.

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