Supply Plan

Gha Coin has established a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, thoughtfully distributing these tokens to ensure a balanced and strategic allocation. Of this total supply, 20% is earmarked for token sales, offering investors an opportunity to be part of the Gha Coin ecosystem. Additionally, a substantial 30% of the tokens are allocated for rewards, incentivizing user engagement and participation in the platform.

The team behind Gha Coin is allocated 5% of the total tokens, recognizing their contribution to the development and maintenance of the platform. Meanwhile, the company itself retains 12% of the tokens, ensuring a vested interest in the long-term success and stability of Gha Coin.

Each of these allocations is structured to be tiered over approximately 6 months, aligning with the funding close date. This tiered approach allows for a gradual and controlled release of tokens into the market, helping to maintain stability and manage the supply effectively.

This strategic allocation of tokens demonstrates Gha Coin's commitment to a sustainable and well-balanced ecosystem, ensuring that all stakeholders, from the development team to the users and investors, are appropriately recognized and rewarded in the platform's growth and success.

Token Distribution

Gha Coin's token allocation involves a meticulously structured process spread across three distinct rounds. In each round, the tokens are offered at varying prices and the amount of capital raised differs, reflecting a strategic approach to funding and market engagement.

The specifics of these rounds are comprehensively detailed in both a table and a graph format. These visual aids provide clear information on the number of tokens available in each round, the price at which they are offered, and the total funds raised during each phase. This format ensures transparency and ease of understanding for potential investors and stakeholders.

The varying prices in each round are set with consideration to market dynamics and the development stage of Gha Coin. Typically, earlier rounds may offer tokens at a lower price to early adopters and investors, acknowledging their early support and the higher risk they undertake. As Gha Coin progresses and matures, subsequent rounds may see an increase in token prices, reflecting the growing stability and potential of the platform.

This structured allocation and pricing strategy are crucial for Gha Coin's long-term sustainability and growth. By detailing these rounds in a table and graph, Gha Coin demonstrates a commitment to transparency and investor education, ensuring that all potential participants have access to the necessary information to make informed decisions about their investments.

Token Sale IDO


Gha Coin is strategically positioned to allocate a substantial 30% of its total token supply towards rewards, amounting to 300,000,000 tokens. This substantial reward pool remains consistent throughout the various token rounds, ensuring that the loyalty of customers is maintained and nurtured over time.

The reward system implemented by Gha Coin is meticulously designed to not only retain existing users but also to attract new ones. Each time a user completes an investment, they receive a reward, a feature that significantly enhances the appeal of the platform. This approach is effective in capturing and maintaining user interest, fostering a loyal and active user base.

Additionally, Gha Coin is committed to supporting and educating its users, particularly those who are new to the world of fractional property investment. In line with this commitment, Gha Coin plans to develop a dedicated learning platform. This educational resource is aimed at empowering users, enhancing their understanding of fractional property investment, and equipping them with the necessary skills to navigate this domain confidently.

The learning platform is envisioned as a user-friendly and informative resource, encouraging users to engage actively in expanding their knowledge and expertise in real estate investment. By focusing on education and skill development, Gha Coin aims to build a community of informed and savvy investors, further solidifying its position as a leader in the fractional property market.


Gha Coin, as part of its strategic token allocation, reserves approximately 12% of its total token supply for the company itself. This allocation, amounting to a fixed percentage of the total, is a crucial component in the overall distribution strategy of the token supply.

The tokens designated for Gha Coin are distributed with a clear plan in place, ensuring they are held and maintained over a period of 6 months. This period of maintenance is significant as it demonstrates the company's commitment to a stable and sustainable approach to managing its token resources.

The fixed allocation for the company underscores its vested interest in the long-term success and stability of the Gha Coin platform. By retaining a portion of the tokens, Gha Coin ensures it has the necessary resources to continue developing, improving, and expanding the platform, aligning with its goals and the interests of its users.

This approach reflects a balanced strategy, where the company retains enough tokens to support its operations and growth, while also ensuring a significant majority of the tokens are available for investors and users, fostering a healthy and dynamic ecosystem around Gha Coin's offerings.

Token Allocation


Gha Coin is dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the reliability of property investment, bridging the gap between digital and physical realms in this sector. To achieve this, the Gha Coin foundation team is focused on assembling a specialized team and staff whose primary objective is to streamline the property investment process.

A key aspect of Gha Coin's strategy is the allocation of 3% of its total token supply to the foundation section. This allocation remains constant throughout the duration of the crowd base funding process, up to its closing date. The dedicated resources for the foundation are a testament to Gha Coin's commitment to making property investment more accessible and user-friendly.

The foundation team at Gha Coin plays a pivotal role in driving the platform's mission forward. They are tasked with developing strategies, tools, and services that not only make property investment more straightforward but also bridge the technological gap between traditional and modern investment methods.

By focusing resources on the foundation, Gha Coin is investing in the future of real estate investment, ensuring that it can meet the evolving needs of investors and remain at the forefront of the industry. This approach underlines Gha Coin's vision of becoming a leading platform in the real estate investment domain, offering innovative solutions that cater to a broad spectrum of investors.

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